Hello All,

I am assuming that most people taking their precious time to read my blog are friends and family, but you never know who may find this on the internet, so I will be polite and introduce myself.

My name is Tori, I am a junior at the University of Michigan and studying International Studies. It got a bit complicated (sorry Mom, Dad, and friends who put up with me while I was figuring it out) but I am studying abroad in PARIS for a semester!

This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Ever since I visited Paris in the fifth grade, I knew I wanted to come back. My sister Grace will gladly tell you that the only words I spoke on my first trip were a very haughty “Non, Merci!” to an adorable man selling fake birds at the Eiffel tour, I vow to immerse myself into French culture. While some aspects will be easier than others (I am sure I will have no problem immersing myself into pain au chocolat), my blog will keep you updated on all my experiences.

Thanks for taking the time to read! Feel free to ask questions, post suggestions, or check in whenever you want!



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